Our History


Mr. Kerry George Parsons is an Australian businessman who visited the Philippines firstly in 1992 returning in 1996 to set up a mining business.  Travelling the country, he was astonished to see the ubiquitous poverty that such a rich in resources, country had. 

His concern for the poor was profound, especially the children.

Over the years, he helped many but wanted to do more. He knew that to increase his philanthropic work, he had to formalize his approach. He searched for a way to establish his goals.

That day finally arrived when, together with his wife Abigail, Mr. Parsons met Sister Teresita Danlag, better known as “Sister Terry” of the “Sisters of Mary Immaculate (SMI)”.  Even though his plan for the foundation was to be non-secular, he knew that he had found the right place and the right people to start his project.

Mr. Parsons set up a meeting to formally outline his vision of the foundation and Sister Terry agreed to work with him wholeheartedly and accepted the project without any second thoughts.


Hence the dream came to reality.

KPFFI Started operation on 2004 at SMI with Sr. Terry’s help and supervision. Although using their facilities to run the foundation, KPFFI is an entirely independent organisation.

The Foundation and SMI are two different groups in their own right, working together with the same purpose, to help these poor children and give them hope to have a better life.

Kerry Parsons Family Foundation, Inc. (KPPFI) was formally initiated at 2005.

After only two years of operation, KPFFI grew and had, in excess of a hundred children from different areas in Davao City, Philippines. With the operations getting bigger, Sr. Terry had to hand the management back over to us and suggested for us to start our very own office, hence,  the beginning of KPFFI operation venturing on its own.

KPFFI now has its own headquarters at Ecoland Subdivision, with its own office and staff, headed by our over-all Project Manager, Mr. Lord, Christopher “Dondon” Descalsota, our Over all Project-Coordinator, Ms. Lelet Reyes and our accounts and administration, Twinkle Langones and Beth Sumabal. We also have parent volunteers, relatives and friends who helps us regularly and are very much a part of this project.

Along with our Australian staff, these people are dedicated and committed and have the heart and compassion, to bring to fruition, the vision and mission of this Foundation.


Mr. Parsons Family (His Children, In-laws and grand-children) are also very much aware of the foundation and its cause and visit the Philippines regularly to contribute and participate in the activities and projects of the foundation.

·         At present, we have:

      Twenty seven (27) children in our day-care program

·         One hundred and forty (140) students in our primary and secondary education program.

·         Thirty (30) students in our university and vocational program

Of the Thirty (30) university/college students, we have eighteen (18) 4-year degree students and twelve (12) vocational courses and 18 of these students are in-house, living in our dormitory at our headquarters.